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BooksEnglish Teaser

Von Nuemann and Morgenstern assume a decision framework in which all
options are thoroughly considered, each option being independent of the
others, with a numerical value derived for the utility of each possible
outcome (these outcomes reflecting, in turn, all possible combinations
of choices). The decision is then made to maximize the expected

In a large company, (1st) ………… people is about as
common as using a gun or a switch-blade to (2nd) ………… an argument. As a
result, most managers have little or no experience of firing people,
and they find it emotionally traumatic; as a result, they often delay
the act interminably, much as an unhappy spouse will prolong a bad
marriage. And when the firing is done, it's often done clumsily, with
far worse side effects than are necessary.

Do the world-class
software organizations have a different way of firing people? No, but
they do the deed swiftly, humanely, and professionally.

The key
point here is to view the fired employee as a "failed product" and to
ask how the process (3rd) ………… such a phenomenon in the first place.

Fill 2nd blank according to following,
Choose correct answer:

LogicalLogical Reasoning Teaser

Directions: Each question has a main statement followed by four statements labelled A, B, C, and D. Choose the ordered pair of statements where the first statement implies the second, and the two statements are logically consistent with the main statement.

Ram gets a swollen nose when he eats idlis.

A. Ram ate idlis.

B. Ram did not eat the idlis.

C. Ram had a swollen nose.

D. Ram did not get a swollen nose.



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Notice BoardMathematics Teaser

Using two vertical and two horizontal grid lines, a square is dividedinto nine equal smaller squares of the same size,and marked by numbers1 to 9. Nine different coins weighing0.2gm,0.4gm,0.6gm,0.8gm,1.0gm,1.2gm,1.4gm,1.6gm and 1.8gm are to beplaced , one in each square :

If sum of the weights along the three rows and columns are the same ,but the sum of the weights along one diagonal is double the other ,how many different arrangements are possible?
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