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Bank Reconciliation Statement
Meaning and Scope of Accounting
Accounting Conventions and as Discipline

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Notice BoardQuantitative Ability Teaser

If P + 1 represents an odd integer, which of the following must also represent an odd integer?

Choose correct answer:
2(P+ 1 ) 
P (P+ 1) 
(P + 1) (P –1) 
(P + 1)2 - 1
none of these

BooksEconomics Teaser

BOP records:
Choose correct answer:
Purchase of Merchandise goods
Sales of Merchandise goods
All economic transactions
Both (a) and (b)

LogicalAccounting Teaser

 Huge expenditure incurred at the time of launching of a new product in market is a/an
Choose correct answer:
Deferred Revenue expenditure
Revenue expenditure
Capital expenditure

Student TestimonialsStudent Testimonials

I have been using Complete CPT course for Dec 2009 exam. I have seen drastic improvements in my quant fundamentals and I now have better understanding of Accounting principles. Their 24x7 doubt clearing help is simply awesome!!
Rahul Agarwal, Delhi

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Notice BoardMercantile Law Teaser

When a contract is deemed illegal, what is likely response of the court?
Choose correct answer:
The contract is voidable and innocent party can get their money back
Parties will be required to return anything taken unders the contract
The court bike treat contract as if it had never existed, but not assist the parties
The court will treat a breach like any other contract    
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