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CA-CPT VideosCA-CPT Demo Videos

Bank Reconciliation Statement
Meaning and Scope of Accounting
Accounting Conventions and as Discipline

CA-CPT Theory LessonsCA-CPT Demo Lessons

  • Consignment Accounts Lesson
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement Lesson
  • Meaning and scope of accounting Lesson
  • Accounting Conventions and as Discipline Lesson


The DVDs were very helpful and helped me understand all topics in cpt syllabus and difficult questions

Sravan, Vijayawada

The theory books helped me finish my cpt preparation very quickly and then I spent remaining time doing online CPT tests.

Megha, Guwahati

I learnt topics from the DVDs and then practiced using online tests. The online tests have detailed answer explanations which ensures no doubts is left.

Prasanna Kumar, Hyderabad

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CA-CPT Practice TestsCA-CPT Demo Practice Tests

  • Consignment Accounts Test
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement Test
  • Accounting Conventions and as Discipline Test

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CA-CPT Preparation Course

Online CA-CPT Coaching, Video Lecture DVDs, Theory & Sample Papers Books, Doubts Clearance

  • CA-CPT preparation course is available online on this website and offers online theory lessons, topic-wise online practice tests for each topic and online CA-CPT test series
  • CA-CPT preparation course is available in the form of 19 books set. The 19 books set contains theory books, topic practice tests books and CA-CPT sample papers books
  • CA-CPT preparation course is available in the form of 19 DVDs set. The DVDs contain video lectures recorded by experience faculty and use animations and solved examples to explain syllabus
  • Ask unlimited number of doubts online to CPT faculty
  • Receive SMS alerts for all important CPT exam events
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