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Class 9th Demo Videos
Physical Nature of Matter Video Lecture
Characterstics of Particles of Matter Video Lecture
States of Matter Video Lecture
The Structure of Atom
Class 10th Demo Videos
Electric Current and Circuit
Magnetic Field and Field Lines
Chemical Equations Video Lecture
Reflection of Light
Refraction of Light
IIT JEE Demo Videos
Introduction to Kinematics
Kinematics of Projectile Motion
Reflection at plane surfaces
MBBS Entrance Demo Videos
General Account of Animals and Phylum Protozoa
Phylum Porifera, Coelenterata and Ctenophora
Animal Kingdom
CA-CPT Demo Videos
Bank Reconciliation Statement
Meaning and Scope of Accounting
Accounting Conventions and as Discipline
Law Entrance Demo Videos
Parts of Speech
Video Lectures Recorded by Phds, IITians & Academicians Now Available in USB Pendrive
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The DVDs were very helpful and helped me understand all topics in cpt syllabus and difficult questions
Sravan, Vijayawada

The booklets helped me understand all the concepts that I never understood in school and tution classes. The DVDs were of immense help
Dharna, Bangalore

Thank you Your dvd, books and test series were very helpful to me, my iit paper went pretty good, I think I'll get selected but maths was quiet tough and all my sucess cerdit goes to
Siddharth Jain, Rajasthan

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